Contemporary research has shown the connections between stress, being sedentary, illness, and injury. Continuous stress or extended periods of minimal movement both lead to excess muscle tension, which can result in pain and escalating stress mechanisms.
The acture lab’s group classes provide gentle movement sequences where you can discover:

  • where you hold excess tension
  • ways to release tension, and
  • awareness techniques to reduce stress.

There are some stressors you can’t avoid (the job/the kids/the mortgage), and there are some environments where prolonged sitting has to happen (work/study).  At the acture lab, you can learn how to support yourself sustainably during protracted work or study, and strategies for stress relief.

Our bodies evolved stress mechanisms to deal with emergencies (Sabretooth Tiger! Quick! Run!). Our bodies also evolved in a nomadic, active environment. What our bodies did NOT evolve in is a highly sedentary environment filled with constant, low-level stress.
Occasional stress is stimulating, a little stillness is reviving – too much of either is unsustainable.
Here at the acture lab, we believe the key to sustainability is to slow down and keep moving.