performanceAt the acture lab, you can improve the fundamentals of easy, graceful, and powerful human movement by developing body and movement awareness rather than building muscle.
Athletes, dancers and musicians have all used our group classes to specifically target improving:

  • flexibility and accuracy
  • alignment and efficiency
  • balance and breathing.

These classes can also help prevent injury through improving co-ordination and proprioception (your ability to sense the location, movement, and orientation of your body).
If you have a specific aspect of your performance you want to improve (eg golf swing, vocal production) we recommend individual lessons as a starting point.

Does practice make perfect? When you start out in a new activity, repetitive practice helps you learn the motor skill sets required by the activity. As your expertise increases, however, repetitive practice can be a training trap which limits improvement. Often we call this ‘the wall’ – and it’s a learning limit.
Elite performers elevate training above mechanical repetition to experiments and explorations with attention and awareness – key concepts in the Feldenkrais Method®.